To break up monotony

Sia hadn’t seen another soul for hours. It got lonely up in the fourth floor library stacks. But, that’s the reason she came up here. Well, mostly the reason. The old oversized book smell was intoxicating and Sia’s best friend, Kathy, worked afternoons in the library cafe and hooked up free almond milk lattes. Sia …

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Dohate, The Wind, and The Winter

Awan and his three grandchildren circled around the cookfire, legs crossed exhaling clouds against the autumn air. It was dusk now and leaves of all colors fell silently around them.   Ogin, the oldest girl, sat between her younger brother Bidowin and sister Sidowa. Ogin shifted closer to the fire and said, “Grandpa, tell us …

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One big beautiful flock

Analisa pulled the noose tight around Abot’s neck and jerked back, grunting in effort over his hacking coughs. She followed the rope bracing herself in the dark against the box truck’s shell. The other end of the rope pulled tight against a wall-mounted metal ring. Analisa turned and stared at Abot’s sitting silhouette black against …

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