What is Mental Health?

So today is Mental Health Day,   So I wrote a thing. A thing that's pretty personal to me.    It’s about more than just “being sad” or “antisocial” no matter what your mom/dad/extended family say.   It’s about just wanting to shut away the world however you can.   It’s about feeling that gnawing … Continue reading What is Mental Health?


Oh, Worcester

So instead of shutting myself in my room and continuously jerking off until a response to a reddit writing prompt came together in my head, I was on assignment for Worcester Magazine. The story: What is to become of the Notre Dame church in Worcester.  Worcester... is... an interesting place. City hall and especially this … Continue reading Oh, Worcester


All joking aside, I don’t really appreciate being likened to a skinhead.     As I’ve already written, I recently shaved my head. And, as we know from high school physics class: every action has a reaction. Being a white man with a bald head, one of those reactions is being likened to a neo … Continue reading Skinhead