Midnights in March

She looks at him with nervous eyes and slips out of the knee-length robe into lingerie. In the midst chilly March nights, she shivers and gooseflesh pimples up and down the backs of her arms.   She presses her palms lightly to each hip and turns to accentuate her hips. Well?   He smiles, not … Continue reading Midnights in March


Wendy’s four for $4

Oh Wendy The four for $4 deal leaves me weak in the knees And my wallet full and mighty Shall I count how I love thee?   One magnificent patty between warm buns Two hands full of crispy hot fries Three full-brimmed cups of cherry cream soda And four juicy nuggets, All under five bucks.

Dear Suzanne

Prompt: Write a tragic / heartbreaking goodbye letter.   Dear Suzanne,   You were my best friend, the love of my life, and my rock for quite some time. You were there when I couldn’t see a future for myself. You helped lighten some of the bleakness in my life, helped fight my depression while … Continue reading Dear Suzanne