The Sweetest Perks Money can Buy

The crack of Judge Harwell’s gavel reverberated through the old courthouse. Harwell often folded his hands over his enormous belly during his proceedings and wore his gold-rimmed glasses at the tip of his nose, all the better to still see his defendants with from his reclining chair. Next up on the docket was no stranger …

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The Fog

Suki saw it and pulled her shirt up to her nose. A creeping yellow-green fog poured from the street’s sewer hole. “What is that!?” She said straddling her bicycle. Another man was watching too. Suki would remember how his blue eyes complimented his oversized denim jacket. The ground shook. Briefly, but, so very violently. The …

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One big beautiful flock

Analisa pulled the noose tight around Abot’s neck and jerked back, grunting in effort over his hacking coughs. She followed the rope bracing herself in the dark against the box truck’s shell. The other end of the rope pulled tight against a wall-mounted metal ring. Analisa turned and stared at Abot’s sitting silhouette black against …

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