A Cliche Bar Story

Sean yawned and pulled into Cliche’s parking lot. The last two nights he’d pulled doubles to cover for Elyse, but now he couldn’t shake the phantom 20 pound dumbbells tied to his arms. Another day another dollar, he thought, pressing through the front door. “Hey Sean. ‘Notha double tonight?” David asked, looking away from the …

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Rocky Beaches

Christian walked the beaches at dawn. His restless legs carried him from the ashes of his long-dead fire. The sun shone warmly against the backs of his calves and neck. Rhythmic waves swept warm water over his feet. Whoosh. Shluck. Whoosh. Shluck. Sharon might’ve actually loved it out here, Christian thought scanning the level horizon. …

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One big beautiful flock

Analisa pulled the noose tight around Abot’s neck and jerked back, grunting in effort over his hacking coughs. She followed the rope bracing herself in the dark against the box truck’s shell. The other end of the rope pulled tight against a wall-mounted metal ring. Analisa turned and stared at Abot’s sitting silhouette black against …

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