Do You Have the Time?

Guy looked up from his copy of the Time’s when the door chimes announced her. It was automatic. She looked older than time itself. Guy watched with subdued curiosity as she entered. The cool Autumn breeze pushed its way in behind her, whipping her gray-white hair across the folds of wrinkles that hugged her eyes. …

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A Cliche Bar Story

Sean yawned and pulled into Cliche’s parking lot. The last two nights he’d pulled doubles to cover for Elyse, but now he couldn’t shake the phantom 20 pound dumbbells tied to his arms. Another day another dollar, he thought, pressing through the front door. “Hey Sean. ‘Notha double tonight?” David asked, looking away from the …

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Dohate, The Wind, and The Winter

Awan and his three grandchildren circled around the cookfire, legs crossed exhaling clouds against the autumn air. It was dusk now and leaves of all colors fell silently around them.   Ogin, the oldest girl, sat between her younger brother Bidowin and sister Sidowa. Ogin shifted closer to the fire and said, “Grandpa, tell us …

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