All joking aside, I don’t really appreciate being likened to a skinhead.  


As I’ve already written, I recently shaved my head. And, as we know from high school physics class: every action has a reaction. Being a white man with a bald head, one of those reactions is being likened to a neo nazi. This is…unfortunate.


I understand that, yes, skinheads do shave their heads. But no, shaving your head does not align you with any political or social beliefs.


Someone asked me the other day what I was thinking when I decided to look like a skinhead. They then went on to say that I, as someone who lives with two black roommates, must be out of their mind. Then on top of that, this person said that as a member of the “radical left” they would “kick my ass” if they ever saw me wearing boots.


A few thoughts about that.


  1. One’s living situation should not dictate the way that person chooses to look, wear their hair, or have anything to do with physical appearance. That’s antiquated thinking.
  2. I’m not crazy for going bald. I had reasons– which I’ve laid out at length.
  3. Don’t attribute your capacity to commit violence to your political ideology. Being far to the left has nothing to do with it– you’re just an asshole. (Psst. You know who did commit violence in the name of their political beliefs? It has four letters, rhymes with Yahtzee, and it’s very much the SAME FUCKING THING YOU’RE CALLING ME.)
  4. I’m going to wear boots in the winter. That’s just how it’s going to be. Please don’t hit me.


This runs in the same vein as my long ago rant on why it’s not okay to say that having a mustache makes you a pedophile.


Let’s reverse the roles here Mr. Radical Left to illustrate my point: Would it be okay to call someone wearing a lot of eyeliner a “whore”? No. Or, would it be okay to say that someone letting their armpit hair grow is gross? Still no.


Being called a skinhead isn’t fun. So fuck off.


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