Dear T. July 7

Dear T.


Thanks for the letter T. It’s not that bad here in MA. The humidity has held off for now (though I dread the approach of the dog days of August)


I know the feeling exactly. Existentially dreading falling into a robotic lifestyle? Wake up. Eat. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Repeat. Add some kids to the mix, maybe. And, keep on repeating.


Realize though, that you may have to conform to some sort of “office-job” lifestyle. It’s just part of being an adult. You can still pursue your passions, but you’ve got to support yourself somehow– it’s just the way it is.




(Also, don’t you hate that: it’s just the way it is. Like fuck, who decided that AND then gave that schmuck authority to decide shit like that for everyone?)


But, back to my point. Realize that everyone has this fear at some point. You come to terms with your age, opportunities, and realistic futures– and that dream of becoming an astronaut withers within you, leaving you feeling emptier than before. What’s the normal human response? In America we just buy shit to fill that astronaut-sized hole. Pretty unhealthy, eh? You don’t have to do that. Fill that void with your creativity. Fill it with characters, foreign worlds, and endless ideas. Pursue that passion. Pursue it fucking relentlessly.




If you follow this advice, realize that unlike buying shit, your passion won’t give you instant gratification. It will, however, pay off in the long term. Perhaps it’s not the way you’d wish, but it will pay off.


Until next time T. Don’t get too down. Life is a struggle that no one asked for, and attitude is everything.




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