People Watching

Oh people watching, now that’s a sport I can get behind.

From the comfort of my perch, it chases boredom from the mind


Let me count the ways you pick thy nose.

Or hunch o’re a chair and pick skin off your calloused toes.


I saw you look both ways before letting out that fart

Slow and steady lessens the sound: smart.


That’s a nice rendition of the moonwalk you have there

When no one’s looking, I too, dance without a care.


What interesting creatures we all are

Living so near and watching from afar


If there’s just one thing I’ve picked up over my career

It’s that you and I are more alike than you might care to hear


So I leave you with this: someone is always watching

So abandon prudence, strut your shit, and learn to not give a fuck.


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