He looked sharp in his three piece. The grimy-red neon light helped set the mood I was trying to cultivate: sex. He showed up as he always did, materializing out of nothing and paused in the billowing green-tinted steam taking in the scene. And then he saw me.


“Marry,” He sounded disappointed. “You’ve got to stop this. I told you that we can’t be together. It wouldn’t work.”


I was still drinking him in. My face felt hot, and I had some trouble breathing. I’d gotten use to it though, being this close to death on so many occasions. “Hi Grim. It’s…nice to see you.”


He shrugged and produced his cane. “It always is, isn’t it Mary.” He grabbed my arm with an icy hand and pushed me aside. “Move. Please. I’ve got work to do.”


First he undid the buttons on his jacket and knelt down. He took the head in his hand moving it this way and that, tsk-ing as he went. “You know,” Grim said. “If you wanted to make my life easier you would leave the teeth alone. It makes identifying them a little bit easier.”  


I dug through my purse and pulled out my pet project. “But then, how would I finish this for you.” I said, blushing.


Grim recoiled. “What in god’s name is wrong with you Marry?” He said stabbing the corpse in the heart with his cane. “What would make you think I would want a necklace made of teeth? This is a job. And I do it with a heavy heart, not because I like the grizzly nature of the work. You need to get yourself help.”


A stabbing pain in my chest. I felt sick and put the necklace back and lunged over to him. He smelled cold, like forest soil. “I want you to help me.”


He pulled away from my grip and vanished his cane. “No. Again. For the twentieth time: this will not work. Now I must go. Please stop this senseless killing and get help.” He poofed into the column of steam.


It wasn’t the first time he’d left me like this. He would want it soon though. I knew. I took another look at the body at my feet and plunged the point of my stiletto into it’s heart. I checked for the knife and the necklace to be sure before setting out.


After witnessing a death, a young girl falls in love with the Grim Reaper. She becomes a serial killer just to see him more often.




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