Shannon looked up from her screen. “What?” She spun her worn office chair around to make eye contact with her. She looked dumpy as ever; watery eyes, hanging chin, that god awful haircut. Her boss’s empty expression told Shannon that she had either not heard the first question or was astounded somebody would pose a question to her. Fuck the benefit of the doubt. Shannon repeated herself: “What Janet?”


Her boss’s face hole opened again. “I said you need to double check this stack for errors,” she held up an inch of manilla folders. “And then I need you to file them before you go home.”


Shannon shook her head. “No.”




“No, Janet. I’m not doing that.”


“What do you mean?”


“I. said. No. Janet. It’s the opposite of yes. In this specific context it means that I’m not going to do your fucking job for you. Now walk away from my desk and go find another poor asshole to shovel your shit on.” Shannon turned back around and shut her laptop. She smiled. Fuck it, she thought already on a role, I’m going home. What’s a half an hour anyway.


When Shannon turned back around, Janet was still hovering over her.


“Shannon, I need you come with me?”


“No Janet, I have a date tonight and you need to get out of the way.” Shannon pushed her way past.


“If you leave this building, I’ll consider it your resignation.” Janet said, following a step behind.


Shannon stopped and turned. “Then I fucking quit Janet. You can march your happy ass down to HR and tell them. And, while you’re there you can hit on John some more. But, just so you know, he’s not into you. He’s just being nice to you. He has to. You’re his boss. He and the rest of us think that you’re an abrasive cunt with no social awareness whatsoever. You can take this underpaying job and fold it into fun size ball of shit, lube it up, and shove it up that dusty vag of yours.”


Shannon turned to a row of awed faces peeking out of their cubicles. She didn’t look back when she heard Janet stomping down the hallway. Instead she smiled triumphantly at her former co workers as she doubled back to empty her desk out. She sat back down in that piece of shit chair one last time.


Janet was behind her once again. “I said you need to double check this stack for errors,” she held up her folders. “And then I need you to file them before you go home.”


Shannon wheeled around, her sense of deja vu, unsettled her. “Yeah. Uhh,  I’ll start that right now.”
“Great.” Janet said, slamming the stack down before walking away. Shannon sighed.


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