Demon Dave

Instead of stepping on his soft semi-rotten bathmat, Dave’s foot met the cold pavement. He finished drying his hair and pulled the towel from his head. The bathroom was much darker than he remembered. He turned to his right, where the window should be. Concrete. Dave concluded that he was must not be in his bathroom. Dave peered over his guy to his. Curiously, he was standing smack dab in a rust-red pentagram.


“Hail me, demon. I am Zython, and this is my sister, Gween. We have summoned you to do our bidding.”


Once Dave’s eyes adjusted to the darkness he saw the owner of the tiny voice. A few feet away stood two creatures. They came up to Dave’s knee and were proportional except for cartoonishly big heads.


“Hullo,” Dave said, wrapping his towel around his waist. “What, uh, what did you just call me?”


The taller of the two, presumably Zython, screeched: “Demon. We’ve summoned you from your dwelling for your services.”


“Uh-huh,” Dave nodded. Panic gripped his chest, but he kept it together for all of ten seconds. Then, spinning around, he shrieked. The curdling noise caused the two creatures to duck. Dave fell to the fetal position and tried to wake up.


“We’ve made a mistake Zython, the demon isn’t scary or intimidating. It’s just fucking huge.”


“No, Gween. It will bend to our will. It must. Tis written in the necrobiblio. We just need to finish the incantation and he will be our slave.”


“I don’t like this. It’s clearly emotionally unstable. And, it’s fucking huge.”


Dave spoke up, his eyes still clamped shut. “I’m not fucking huge. I’m average height and only slightly overweight on the BMI. You guys are just small.”


Dave sat up when he realized he would not be waking up. He reached over to the corner of the pentagram and snatched up a candle.


“I don’t think it liked you commenting on it’s size.” whispered Zython.


Dave snapped around. “Of course I don’t like it. How would you like it if someone called you huge. It’s not nice. And, I’m not even that big.” Dave said, rubbing his guy. Then he started to weep. The change of scenery, Zython and Gween, and the fat shaming were emotionally overwhelming.


“I think we hurt it’s feelings, Zython.”


You hurt its feelings. I didn’t say anything.” Zython turned from his sister and cleared his throat at Dave. “Ahem, Demon, uhhh, I’m sorry that my sister upset you. She’s can be quite dense.”


Zython” Gween said, shoving an elbow his way.


“We’ve summoned you, not to make you cry, but, because we have problems with our own size.”


Dave sniffled and perked up. He readjusted his towel and sat up. “Oh yeah?”


“Yes Demon,”


“It’s Dave”


“Yes Dave. We too have been ridiculed for our size. We know what it’s like to be made fun of, and we’re sorry for our insensitivity.”


Dave sighed and wiped his eyes. “S’okay. Consider it water under the bridge.”


Gween stepped past her brother. “Wonderful. Under the bridge it shall be. You see, Dave, among our people, we too are large. My brother and I are oft named giant and freak. We summoned you because we don’t know what else to do. The others are relentless.” Gween curled her fingers into fists.


“Dave,” Zython began. “We thought you could help us teach the others a lesson.”


“How old are you?” Dave asked.


“I’m 13 and my sister is 12.”


Dave sat unmoving. He thought over the proposal, having flashbacks to his own schoolyard bullies. Oh how sweet it would’ve been to have a friend literally six times his size utterly obliterate the tormentors. The thought put a smile on Dave’s face. He looked up and nodded to the creatures.


“I’ll do it.”


Zython sighed. “You will?”


Dave stood and rewrapped his towel. He ran his left hand through his hair. “Yeah, let’s do this. For effect, you two should probably call me ‘Demon’ again. And, don’t worry if I start foaming at the mouth.”


The two small creatures and Dave stalked into the darkness and up a concrete shaft. They had terror on the brain  




You’re happily going about your day when you vanish in a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, you’re standing in a ring of candles. A sorcerer holding a tome looks pleased at your arrival. Turns out Earth is Hell, we’re the demons, and you’ve just been summoned.


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