Complete Shit

You ever read your own writing and think: well this is complete shit. No two ways about it– this is pure, unadulterated hot garbage that I wrote and I’ll be damned if anybody but me ever reads it. How often does this happen? And alternatively, how often do you read something of yours and think: Damn, this is too good.


My guess is the the former outpaces the latter. I know, anecdotally, that that’s the case with my own writing. I’ll read something that’s been published, y’know something written by an actual author and then I’ll start in on something that I wrote yesterday and they just don’t compare. It’s almost as if they’re writing in a different language. The difference is apples and oranges– and I fucking hate oranges.


Is there ever a moment when it all clicks?


Who the hell knows.



3 thoughts on “Complete Shit

  1. xencyder

    My answer is yes to the first question. Sadly. Sigh. Why don’t I stop writing then?! Geez.
    Your last question, although I am inclined to think no, I’ll just say my goodness, I hope so.

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