Good Times, Bad Times

With you, she’d had some wonderfully stable times. Though for every good day, there were 3 or 4 bad ones. It’s just the way it was with her. Some days, she would be content just laying there in bed with you giggling, kissing under the covers, running her fingers through your hair while you two talked about afternoon plans. You would look up to her, she would smile, and you would get lost in her eyes. You just wanted to swim in her big doe eyes.

You two wouldn’t leave your bedroom for hours. Oh she was so easy to talk to. She was the kind of girl that, when you said something stupid, she would smirk and say something even more outlandish to coax a laugh out of you.

Then there were bad days. Sometimes it was only tears– those days were relatively easy; she just needed space. Sometimes, she would have so much energy that she bounced off the walls.

You nearly broke that one time a few months back when she came home with that new Lexus.

What, she said, we were planning on getting a new one anyway. This one has good milage in the city and I liked the color.

She screamed at you when you took the keys and drove it back to the dealership. She stood there staring daggers at the back of your head while you and the salesman hashed it out.

Look here bud, she’s really not well, you said. He shrugged and said it wasn’t his problem. She signed the paperwork. You pulled him aside and told him that if he didn’t void the sale then you’d see him after work for taking advantage of a mentally sick person. That changed his tone real quick.

When she stepped out of the cab, she pushed her way past you and didn’t talk to you for the rest of the day. But, she came around. She always came around, and then all the way around again. Her revolutions on the emotional scale never stopped– like living on one of those topsy turvy teacup rides at the fair.

That night you sat at the kitchen table and cried. She was upstairs sleeping like a baby, having swallowed a slew of different medications. You splayed out that month’s bills in front of you, but the numbers were too hard to focus on behind the tears. You thought about quitting her for the umpteenth time. You all but convinced yourself that it could be done; that you’d be better off without all that craziness in your life. But, but, you tried to picture yourself without her. Without those eyes and that smile. It hurt. It hurt so much. Like physically ripping your heart out. You convulsed as silent sobs wrenched themselves from your body. You’re sick of the drama, sick of the stress, but the good times were just so damn good.
She woke up first and found you hunched over asleep on the kitchen table and kissed you gently on the temple. You woke up to the smell of fried eggs and spam– your favorite. That pretty much cemented it for you. You’ll stay, for now, but she’s walking a thin line– just like the umpteenth times before. You smile at her and she smiles back. She didn’t even mention yesterday. Are you guys back to normal? She thought you were, but you didn’t know. You weren’t graced with her ability to move on and forget. Eventually it would reach a tipping point.

Prompt: With (him), she’d had some wonderfully stable times.

Changed “him” to “you” and tried my hand at a 2nd person POV


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