A letter to the kid playing music on the green.

To the person on the green playing loud music,


You’ve created quite a buzz around campus. From Facebook postings to word-of-mouth, you’re dominating my small bubble of social media. Hell, I’ve seen a change.org petition started in your honor; so congratulations you’re now right up there with the ugly “change” banner that students demanded removed from Jonas Clark.


I’m not hating on your music–I genuinely like your taste in music. I jive to Outkast and James Brown. It’s perfect spring music.


But seriously: Is it necessary to dominate the entire atmosphere of the green with your boombox?


On Sunday, my roommate and I headed out to the green with our small UE speaker. We just wanted to stretch out and chill in the sun, and I found it impossible to enjoy myself. Here I am trying to jam out to A Tribe Called Quest’s latest album, and all I hear is your speaker bumping “I Feel Good” by James Brown. That’s all anyone can hear. I got annoyed to the point of sitting up and staring you down. We made eye contact, I made sure that you and your crew perched on that obelisk saw me. Then I shrugged and shook my head. You all just waved, laughed, and danced some more.




I’m sure I’m not the first to express my frustration to you. And, If it is just me complaining, then you shouldn’t care. But, like I mentioned earlier: there’s a petition to stop you. To shrug off that many people won’t win you any friends.


Like c’mon man. We get it. You have a loud ass portable speaker. I respect your right to bump. What I don’t respect is you trying to control the green, a public space, with your music. And don’t tell me that’s not the case; I saw you up on your fucking perch pointing that thing out towards the rest of us. Have some respect for the people trying to read, or have a conversation in a public space. It’s not your area to control.





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