Review: Ghost Guest by Ghost Guest

Worcester-based band Ghost Guest recently released their first and final full-length album entitled Ghost Guest. At 12 tracks the self-titled album plays out as both an introduction to their fast folk-punk and sadcore hybrid style, and as a goodbye to old fans.


Each track explores the same themes of vulnerability, loving, and loss. “Love in the time of Police Brutality” lyrically branches out into more of a political realm. “I can’t even walk outside at night / I know I cried, but why would you lie / and sever all ties.” But, under the veneer, the song still revolves around those aforementioned themes.


While the band doesn’t stray far from these same themes throughout the album– they excel at imbuing the songs with real emotion. The co-vocalist team of Heru Black and Caitlin Indermaur on tracks like “Shakey Knees” and “Out of Your Eyes” is haunting– fitting given the band’s name.


On some tracks, just when you feel like spiraling into bleakness, Ghost Guest flips a switch, building on the gritty intensity of Drummer Scott Levine’s crescendos, and ramps up the energy. The juxtaposition is refreshing.


Overall this is a solid album. The general heavy-heartedness of the first few tracks in the context of this being it for the band packs a bit more of an emotional punch. It ends on a more energetic note with faster punky songs
Oh, and some tracks feature a tambourine– and that can only be a good thing.


Check out Ghost Guest’s collection of work here.

Stream or buy the album Ghost Guest here.

And, stay tuned to the band’s facebook page for an upcoming show announcements.




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