Do Over.

Writing is hard.


Thank god for do overs, eh?


I said earlier this week that I was working on something a bit longer than my usual prompt responses. Well, it’s not done, and won’t be for a while.




Because I decided to kill the first iteration.  


Now I’ll be the first to admit that I have a long way to go to work up to the stamina and chops needed to produce an original piece to be proud of. As of right now, I can sit down and churn out 1,500 words. After that though, I find that I get distracted. (Curse you social media pop-up notifications.)  


But, as with anything– the longer you do it, the better you get, and the longer you can sustain an effort.  


With this particular story, I reached 3,500 words and realized I didn’t like where it was going. That’s not to say the initial idea was bad– I’m going to try and improve on it in a second iteration. I just reached a saturation point for characters. Three of my characters ended up contributing nothing. They will be cut.


Silver lining: I think I’m improving. A short while ago, had I reached this point in the process I would have likely left the piece to fade away in the ether of google docs. There’ll be other stories to tell, I would’ve thought, and then moved on. However now, I do want to see the idea out to the end–and that in itself is improvement to me.


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