Mr. Steal your Lunch.

There’s no getting around it: Trump voters are beginning to regret casting their vote for Donny. It’s tragic. Here are American’s that, regardless of their politics, are still people; we all have that family member who just seethed at the idea of a Clinton presidency. And, they thought that this guy, this conman, this tiny-handed puckered-lipped dork who said: Yeah I’m just like you– blue collar and angry with Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Vote for me and we’ll “Make America Great Again.” Nostalgia is a powerful intoxicant. Trump sold the idea of a whiter America to white America. What we are all getting though is something darker: an indifferent administration with a disdain for poor people.

Mulvaney: Probably doesn’t eat solid food so why would your kids? Source: Flikr/Gage Skidmore. 

Recently this administration’s Budget Manager Mick Mulvaney said that programs aimed at feeding disadvantaged students wasn’t proven to benefit them.  Really? This is their justification for rolling back free lunches at schools? Stealing food out of children’s mouths is slimey enough. To then turn around and say: Oh well, we all know that kids don’t really need the food anyway is just malicious. Okay then. Mulvaney should have his daily caloric intake cut by two thirds and we should expect the same performance out of him. Right? And, y’know what, let’s put his ass to work building that big beautiful wall after his emaciated ass is done crafting this budget, just so he can put his money where his mouth is.


Then if starving out impoverished kids wasn’t bad enough, this new military-spending-heavy budget cuts the block grants to states that meals on wheels relies on. Last time I checked meals on wheels is not and never has been a controversial program pointed to by politicians concerned about waste.


Picture this: It’s 2009, the GOP is concerned with the Obama budget and to cut spending they target Meals on Wheels grants. Globo-gym prodigy Paul Ryan stands before the press and says: “The deficit is just unacceptable. So we’re going to stop feeding all of the infirm grandparents and disabled everywhere.” Absurd isn’t it? It should be–it’s an exaggeration to make a point. But, that’s where we are at now. Trump’s “Silent Majority” is more concerned with building a giant wall in the middle of the dessert to keep out brown people and pot than feeding your homebound grandma. She’ll either have to get off her lazy social-security-collecting ass and get a job or starve.


If I sound a bit more bitter than normal it’s because I am. While I have been less than thrilled with ALL of the “outsider” political stances of this Mar-a-lago administration, this decision to stop feeding the most needy in the country is reprehensible and shouldn’t be tolerated by any American no matter political, religious, or economic orientation. As it turns out, my mother receives a meal on wheels once a day. She is fully disabled, as in, she can’t use her arms for anything (Neuropathy is a bitch). This means she can’t cook for herself among other things, and therefore relies on this program for actual meals. Props to this administration for making sure my own disabled mother doesn’t become addicted to government handouts. (/s)


The tragedy that I mentioned earlier is this: those who will suffer the most because of these terribly insensitive and austere policies will be poor, white, Trump voters. I read recently (and regret not saving the article) of a poor woman who thought that Trump would make the country great again for her i.e. poor rural white people who feel left behind. Sorry miss, you were conned.

Thumbs up or post-dinner plans? Source: Twitter.

I hate to end with all this doom and gloom though. So on another note, I hope the Trump and his family are well. Based on recent summer white house pics, you all seem to be doing great. Give my compliments to your personal chefs Donny– you’re absolutely glowing in this pic.



Sarcastic Post Script. We’re sure as fuck going to be that shining city on a hill again, just like the prophet Reagan said. (right after we sweep the poor under the rug and your more extreme supporters go full anti-semite, but that’s another issue for another rant)

Some more links:

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