Spring Break pt. 2

So we made it back. We may have lost an hour in transit and fought back freezing temperatures on our way north but we made it– with a trophy. Clark’s men’s team took first place again this year. I repeat, Clark’s men’s Ultimate Frisbee team took first place in High Tide this year. A year that I would have thought of as a rebuilding year.

It’s just surreal.

Last year with the departure of so many seniors, I thought that we peaked at just the right time. Winning every game and taking home first place. I must say though, Juniors and Sophomores stepped up into leadership roles well. And, this group of freshmen is so goddamn scrappy and play with such grit that they made up for the loss of the seniors and played their game. Played our game.


Clark has never been the most athletic school by any stretch of the imagination. We’re historically not that tall and aren’t a team of off-season athletes. Last week we couldn’t really rely on out running and out jumping opponents; we just out played them (and out dabbed them).


Getting home after the trophy ceremony, you better believe that I put on Back to Back a few times.


As far as the rest of the week goes, it felt a bit strange at times being one of the oldest people on the trip. I’ve officially picked up the title of “Gramps,” and along with that was expected to have some secret wisdom about certain topics. Well this is my little tidbit of wisdom that I derived not from age but from certain experiences: We are all human. If you think that another human has this life thing better figured out than you, trust me, they’re flying by the seat of their pants too. The crucial difference in you and them may just be time, work, passion, and dumb luck sometimes.
That’s it. My fifth and most likely final year of High Tide is in the books. And to you Heart and Joan: Stay woke and remember to just be smarter on the field.


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