Spring Break pt. 1

So we made it. Vacation time on the beautiful sands of North Myrtle Beach. The drive was a bit of a struggle– most of the drivers in our van were operating on little sleep. Personally, by the end of our journey, out of the 30 hours that I had been awake, I had caught 45 minutes of shut eye. It was a strange feeling my mental state devolve into loopiness, though watching the sunrise when we drove into North Carolina proved a treat.


I had my first experience with cracker barrel in North Carolina too. Being the grandpa of the frisbee team, I went with the country grandpa special: two eggs over easy, two warm biscuits bathed in butter, cheesy hashbrowns, and a chicken fried steak smothered in gravy. Tell you what, my mouth is watering right now thinking about it. (Damn my current lack of snacks)


This is my fifth year at this tournament and it’s interesting watching team dynamics evolve. In my first year the ease of getting completely wasted all of the time overwhelmed me. I almost forgot I there to play frisbee. The team had its collection of personalities, both reserved and rowdy. I shied away from the reserved and tended to the rowdy– I mean, it was spring break, getting trashed is par for the course, right?


This year though, I have no expectations for myself. My goal, as is the goal of every working person on vacation, is to just relax and tend to my every whim. So far so good. I’ve hit the hot tub, meditated ocean-side, and played some really flowy frisbee.
There is one thought swimming against the current of my current zen-ness. I was looking at where the ocean meets the sky today and I wanted to know: How far away is that? I could probably look up and read an obscure answer about curvature of the earth or the limit of the human eye. But in this specific instance, where is that point?




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