Like a Truck

Prompt: “Hit me like a Truck”


Brian Hedley had his Chipotle burrito in one hand and his phone in the other when the muddy blur of a Dodge pickup slammed into him. Brian didn’t stand a chance; ragdolling head over heel in the air. He came back down to earth in a twisted tangle of crunching limbs. By the time anyone had time to react to the accident the truck was well on its way down the road.


“Oh my god,” a man dressed in a fanny pack and who could have been Brian’s dad, or more likely his uncle, ran over. He kneeled down blocking the sunlight from Brian’s face. He stank of garlic. Fanny pack man hovered his hands over Brian’s body. First up near the head and down to his neck and then oddly over Brian’s naval. Half of the other bystanders were baffled by Fanny pack’s nervous tendency, the other believed him to be a spiritual healer sending energy to Brian’s broken bones.


“Call the ambulances.” Fanny pack directed another bystander. Brian moaned. He didn’t know what was broken, but he was sure more than one thing had snapped.


“What happened?” Brian gasped.


“He’s alive.” Fanny pack screamed. “He’s alive. Don’t worry, er”


“Brian. We’re going to get you to a hospital. That truck just came out of nowhere.” Fanny pack clapped for emphasis. “Hit you like uhh, well it hit you like a truck. You’re lucky to be alive Brian. Don’t move anything; I think you may have broken something. You’re going to be alright.”


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