Finding balance in life is hard ain’t it?


Recently I’ve been doing what my friends call “going spiritual,” which really just means I’ve been trying to practice yoga and have been breathing with my eyes closed while trying to think about nothing i.e. “mindfulness.” I’ve also been trying not to drink as casually as I did during undergrad. There are various reasons. For one, I just don’t get out and walk around/ work out as much and I’ve decided against the beer gut that has plagued the men in my family for generations. (I hear dad-bod is pretty chic now, but one has to draw a line at some point right?) The second, is that alcohol fucks with me– yes I am aware that that is the point of alcohol, but as someone who rides the highs of anxiety and the lows of depression, amplifying each is quite troublesome. Thirdly: heartburn. Oi vey, the heartburn is bad.


This point isn’t about me getting on a high horse though. Last weekend, for one of my roommate’s birthday (shout out Nik and Joey. Happy Birthday friends) some of our good friends came over from Boston and New York. And, well, when you get together with your buddies it’s fun to cut loose so that’s exactly what I did. You know, I was a bit hesitant to get drunk but I’m glad I did. While booze can’t become a crutch, just saying “fuck it” once and awhile is important too.


Otherwise: all work and no play makes johnny a dull boy.


AND, miraculously, both Saturday and Sunday morning I had no hangover. Maybe it’s the kefir shakes I’ve been drinking, water consumption that I don’t remember, or maybe I’m riding the edge of anxiety. Who knows? I won’t question it too deeply. But now that the friends have gone back home and we’re all back at work it’s time to get back on the mat and go back to the gym– until spring break next week that is.
[Insert cool shades emoji] yeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh.


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