I wanted to try a really quick action scene. 


She could barely hear his hoarse pleas over the storm of gunfire.


“Get in the car.” He screamed ducking below the steering wheel. A slug sung past his head and shattered the driver-side window. Glass snowed into his lap and his hair.


He yelped. She backed into the passenger’s seat covering her head.  


Half of her body still hung outside the car when he stomped on the accelerator. He drove with his left hand and pulled on her arm with his right. Shots continued to ring out behind them, one hitting the rearview mirror. A sharp left turn forced her door closed. Her breathing was off– gasping and gurgling. Her head had slumped over back and to the side.


Glass shattered behind them and then in front. The road in front had become a web of refracted white and yellow lines. He instinctively ducked again and steered the riddled car onto the interstate on ramp. As they passed under the orange-yellow streetlights her chest and hair glistened a dark scarlet. She was covered with it.


Is that her blood, he thought. “Fuck fuck fuck no no no no no.” He screamed. His knuckles shone bone-white in front of him.


“Dani,” He reached out and shook her arm. “Get up Dani. You’re gonna be fine.”


He couldn’t see the sirens but he could hear them. The wailing coming closer and closer. He snuck a look over his right shoulder out the back.


Another horn wailed.


In his peripheries the lights of another car flew past his left side. He swerved right and left trying to avoid them. He overcorrected. The car bounced off the railing, stumbled and leapt into the air. Twisting metal and glass rolled once. Twice. Her body bounced and ragdolled through his window, hitting him on the way out. His hands went numb. I don’t want to die, he thought. His body ejected through the window and joined Dani in their final dance.


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