Can’t get you outta my mind or off my T.V. Donny.

Y’know even in the midst of the biggest nationalistic-fueled clusterfuck of a government I have ever lived through, it’s nice to step back and appreciate the sheer absurdity of it all.


No, really. At no point during the previous administration did I compulsively check the news to see if the leader of the free world embarrassed himself again. Obama was the embodiment of cool and everything more or less ran par for the course as it did under W. and Clinton and H.W.. I.e. none of those guys never pretended to know Japanese or, to my knowledge, were afraid of stairs.  


Under Donny Moscow and co. though, there seems to be another, well I dare not even call them gaffes as that wouldn’t do the gravity of the fuck-ups justice. But there seems to be another ‘one’ every. Single. Day. It’s gotten to the point where a minor ethics violation by a senior advisor has become a laughable offense whereas only the serious stuff, like undermining the authority of the judiciary branch, is debated at length on nightly panels. It makes you anxious doesn’t it. Just how far will this administration push the bar I wonder.


The big story, at the moment is this Russian connection with the current administration (at least Flynn so far as we know). First and foremost this collusion with a foreign intelligence agency, and the Russians no less, feels ripped straight from a pulp political thriller novel. I mean, c’mon the Kremlin has invaded the White House? That’s an ABC show that I just wouldn’t watch. Jokes on us though. We won’t be watching this. We’ll be living this.


Someone help me get these damn VR goggles off. This ride sucks.
Undoubtedly this is an exciting time to be alive. It may be for the wrong reasons: Regressive economic and social policies, a real red scare, and the mentally unfit Donny Moscow always has the button at hand– but it is exciting. So congrats on the ratings Donny. You’ve earned them.  


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