Review: Tomorrow’s Forecast

3 Piece Meal’s new album, Tomorrow’s Forecast jams–pure and simple.


It’s funky. Sometimes it shreds. It’s certainly fun. And, while the band can’t be nailed down to just one sound or genre, the Worcester-based trio of Asif Arif on bass, Diego Baraona on guitar, and Akiba Davis on drums sure as shit know what they’re doing.  


Tomorrow’s Forecast is a trip. It begins grounded in issues like inequality and the shortfalls of global capitalism–tough topics to tackle in general, but done well here. As the album progresses, the album blasts through rain clouds to high above the atmosphere only to come to an end in the vibrating funk-void of space.    


At ten tracks clocking in at just under 45 minutes, this debut album omits the unnecessary– though the album might benefit from a slight reordering.


The psychedelic soundscapes of “Take it Easy” are easily one of the most interesting tracks of the album– it’s reminiscent of the Dead’s live Darkstar performances. Also, keep an ear out for the blistering bass work on “And She Was Green.” That, and the shredding on “O’ Lord and Savior” will impress you if not melt you.
Check out the album here. And the band’s official website here.  

I do not own the banner image. 

P.S. Edit: Misspelled a name and bass as base. Thanks for the heads up. 


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