Arctic II

He swam freely in the swift river water. Arm over arm, slowly letting his mind fall into automation. He was a fish. He had no need for arms. Follow the tails, he thought.


James had nodded off in one of the rec room recliners again. Jurassic Park played muted on the small 17 inch screen in front of him. It was one of his favorites and one of the only DVD’s he had allocated himself for his stay down here.




James turned over in his seat. His dream river bent sharply. His kin started to dwindle until he found himself alone.




“James….the door is….” Bang. “James.”


He came to at the last muffled call of his name. He inhaled and rubbed his eyes. What a weird dream, he thought. He checked his watch: 18:21. He looked around the darkened rec room. Where’s Marie? And Anton?  


The muffled voice called again. “…door is stuck. James.”


“Shit,” he grunted, crunching up. He half-ran through the rec-room donned in his comfortable pajamas, a robe and sneakers.


Bang. Bang. “this …ing door.”


“Hold on.” James called back, racing down the hallway to the main point of entry for their observational base. “I’m coming. Just hold on.” Shit where’s my jacket? he thought. He wheeled around on his heel and ran back into the rec room. Jacket….jacket, he thought scanning the room from the doorway. His heavy orange jacket hung on the back of the recliner. James bolted and skidded to a stop.His fingers fumbled the jackets zipper.


“One second.” James called. “Fuck,” he cursed.  


Bang. Creak. Bang.


James ran through the rec once again, this time clutching the stubborn zipper. A cold gust bit into his cheeks.


“James. We’ve been calling your name for 15 minutes.” Marie huffed. Her cheeks were flushed. The icicles that hugged her eyebrows accentuated her expression. “When the storm passes, you’re cleaning that fucking door.” Marie spat.

Anton said nothing and leaned up against the door, shaking.


“Sorry, I–” James began.


Marie cut him off. “That’s it? Sorry?” She shouldered her way past James and marched towards her dorm.


Anton continued to shake. He and James exchanged looks before taking his leave.


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