February 5, River

Image Prompt. 

The current carried the three lazily downriver. On the one hand, the children were thankful that they could let the river do the work. On the other, they didn’t relish the idea of more time spent at school.


That shared concern floated parallel the raft, not necessarily something to be addressed now– just wary that they would eventually their currents would cross.


The oldest hunched over on all fours and cast his hand into the water. The middle sister reviewed her flashcards. She planned on acing the test she had later in the day. The youngest, idle, let his thoughts devolve into mischief.


“Hey,” he squeaked at first. The other two broke concentration and turned his way.


“Do you guys know the song ‘Rock the boat’?”


The eldest spoke first. “No.”


His sister, more prone to her younger brother’s thoughts spoke next. “Don’t even–”


Too late. The youngest began to bounce the raft up and down.  


Rock the boat. Don’t rock the boat baby” The waves pulsing from the raft began to grow. “Rock the boat.” The others gripped the side of the raft. “Don’t tip the boat–” The youngest cut the chorus short and slipped into the river.


The older two broke out laughing.


“That’s what you get,” laughed the eldest. He and his sister grabbed the youngest by the arms and pulled their soaked brother up onto the raft.


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