February 4, Buying Drugs

Anthony squirmed in his seat as Casey, his senior by two years, thumbed through the cash.


“Cool,” Casey said pocketing the money with his left hand and reaching for his center console with his right. “Here.” He handed Anthony his eighth of pot, or at least what Anthony thought was pot.


Anthony unrolled the bag and buried his nose. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was supposed to smell.


“Smells good,” he commented.


Casey closed the console and turned the key in the starter. A dolphin-like screech filled the cabin.


“C’mon,” Casey whispered.


A moment of suspense passed between the two boys. Casey waited for his car to start and Anthony waited for the interaction to end. After three more attempts Casey’s civic turned over.


“Well,” Casey turned back to Anthony. “Enjoy the bud man. See you Monday.”


“Yeah, sounds good. Thanks again man.” Anthony reached for the sticky door handle.


“Yo dude.” Casey dropped the casualness in his voice. “Pocket that shit.”


“Oh. Right. Yeah. My bad.” Anthony said. He shoved the sandwich bag into his hoodie pocket and scanned the parking lot. All clear.  


“See ya later.” Anthony said stepping out into the chilly November air.


“Yeah. Peace.”


Casey’s car jolted backwards as he shifted to “R”. Anthony watched as the tail lights of the civic pulled away and arc out of the parking lot entirely. He pulled his hood up over his head and checked his phone. 9:30. He figured it would be a late night. AP History, AP Calc, and AP Bio homework tonight.


‘I’ll probably be done by midnight,’ Anthony thought. ‘I can save the essay outline till tomorrow after practice. And..’


Anthony’s pocket began to vibrate. He reached for his phone: Mom.
“Hey ma. What? Yeah, I got your stuff. I’m walking home now.” Anthony turned right onto the sidewalk– just a quarter of a mile to go. “Huh? What kind of Ben & Jerry’s? Okay. Okay. Okay. I’ll be home in 15. Love you. Yeah I know. Bye.”


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