January 23, 2017

Prompt:  At some point in time, a mysterious phenomenon occurred in which everyone on earth was trapped within a 10km (6.2 mile) radius of where they were standing, unable to move past their boundary.

But what happened to the 21st and 22nd? I don’t really know, one moment I was relaxing friday night and the next I was fuming over the Steelers loss. So anyway here’s the 23rd’s prompt. Went with more of a diary approach. 

First thing to go was the food.


Water worked fine for the most part. One of the older pipes under the kitchen sink sprung a leak a couple days ago, but a google search and some duct tape ended that pretty quick. The news reports didn’t help. If anything they incited panic, well they did for me anyways. Telling people you don’t know what’s happening never helps. A weird occurrence like this– Hell, make up some religious angle, just anything other than: “We don’t know.”


I guess I’m one of the lucky ones though. I was at home on my day off when the barriers went up. I actually had no idea that anything had happened until hours later. Yeah– I was just on the couch watching the Daily Show in my P.J.’s when it happened. You couldn’t even tell from the apartment– no accidents like the ones on the news. Accidents…y’know the “rebounds.” Sounds gruesome though. Just the thought of a human going about its business driving along and all of a sudden: nope. Car keeps going but you stop. Some people got ejected out the back, some weren’t so lucky. I have this mental image of throwing raw hamburgers at a wall. God, I don’t even know what I would do for a hamburger right now.


Gravitational anomalies is the leading theory among experts right now. Who really knows though. I guess a few people measured their ‘barriers’ the other day. Yeah they retraced their steps back to where they were when it happened and just walked. CNN now says you get six miles in any direction. After that, I don’t really know, it kinda feels like getting pressed up against glass. But it’s like the glass is pushing back. It’s a strange sensation to just be stopped by nothing. I’m not claustrophobic or anything but you kind of get the sense that you’re in a cage or observation tank or something.


I guess those out in rural spots don’t have it too badly from what I hear. The city just fucking collapsed. You can’t take that many people and just lock them down. The 7/11 down the road was picked clean and burned down a few nights ago. Last night was Oliver’s Deli. Couple of guys just walked in and butchered the Wei’s. Old Mi popped one in the chest on the way out though. Guess his barrier was close too ‘cause his blood is still smeared right in the doorway–rusted– just floating there.
I had survived on ramen for a few days, but there’s nothing left. I know there’s somebody in the apartment below though– he thinks he’s quite. He’s not. I might pay him a visit soon. Maybe he’ll have something for me. If he’s too big, who knows, maybe we can work together. Who knows what I’ll find down there. But, either way I ain’t starving in this cage.


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