It’s like a T.V. show.

More politics. Also the banner image never fails to make me laugh. 


So I came to a pretty hilarious realization last night. I was a tad bit stoned and reading up on my new government-issued alternative facts, when two things happened.


  1. I realized that this new administration isn’t really legitimate. Yeah, I know. Not a new realization. Thanks John Lewis.
  2. This new administration has no plans to run like an actual executive administration. Instead it will be run like a reality show. A political reality show where the votes don’t matter and the consequences are very real.  


Think about it. Trump calls himself a “ratings machine,” which in of itself is weird– like somebody deeming themselves a stud in the bedroom. (cue eye roll)


BUT, I’ll admit it now: Trump wasn’t wrong. Now that he’s in office, I can’t physically bring myself to put down Reddit (which is where I find most of my news). It’s like I’m addicted to every terrible thing coming out of the Trump administration– like watching a train wreck in slow motion– every subsequent car derailing and exploding in a riveting fashion.


If I had to compare it to an actual reality show, I would say that Trump and friends just won the HoH competition in Big Brother. It was a classic endurance competition, probably who could spout the most lies the longest, and certain promises were made to the rest of the house in order to secure the win.

WTF. How did this happen Julie? CC image courtesy of celebrityabc on Flickr

But now that they’re in the HoH room, Trump is going to dole out his gift basket to all his bros and fuck over the same folks that he made promises too. Golly I sure hope that we win the Veto competition later in the week.


There’s even a ton of rivaling factions like in BB.


Just to name a few:


(1) Admin v. The Media- your classic Alpha vs. Beta competition. You route for the Beta (The Media) but they’ll continued to get slapped around for the rest of the season.


(2) Admin v. The Intelligence community– Now this one is my favorite. See the Admin wants to be friends with the Intel community and eventually they’ll get along. But watch out, the Intel community will fuck the Admin over quick if they need to. They’ll win by any means necessary.


(3) Admin v. Women in the House. — Like I said, Admin is totally alpha and when he sees something he likes he grabs it–literally. So obviously most women hate him. Some will see past this though and tag on to the Admin bros and try and ride that HoH victory.


(4) Finally: Admin v. Audience– Yeah, that’s us. We’ll hate this dude, well, most of us anyway. A lot of us will tune into the show though to see what BS he’s done this week. We love to hate him and in doing so give them great ratings.
Yeah it’s going to be a highly entertaining next four years. Terrible, for sure, but entertaining. Let’s hope that his bros get voted off the show in 2018 and Trump himself gets the ax in 2020.      


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