Rant: Absurdity and Feminism.

Okay, this is a rant instead of the usual writing prompt. If you’re already saturated with politics at the moment stop now. Otherwise read this rant that popped into my head this morning when I started thinking about the self-driving Google car. 


So let me preface this rant by stating that I identify as a man (who is by no means an expert on anything) and an ardent feminist in an egalitarian sense. No one’s life should be dictated by whether or not they were randomly assigned an X or Y chromosome.

That being said, feminism is absurd. Now that’s not to say that the ideals championed by feminism i.e. economic equality and the rejection of gender expectations, among other things, are absurd. To me the idea that half of the human population still has to fight, like they did at national protests this past weekend, for certain rights that the other half enjoy is just insane.

This next point had me floored when it popped into my head this morning during work. It occurred to me that at this point in the beginning of a Trump presidency, we’re closer to autonomy for our cars than we are for women. Just hear me out– technologically we’re advancing so quickly that we will have self-driving cars making rudimentary choices for us, human passengers, before we as a nation let women make their own reproductive choices.

“Oh come on, The Chad. Abortion has been legal since the 70’s.”

To which I call Bullshit.

Sure, abortion has been legal since the 1970’s, but at this point (44 years later, the Roe v. Wade decision was made in 1973) good luck cutting through the forest of red tape in some states to actually receive one. Some women now have to travel hundreds of miles to find the closest open clinic.

Imagine this same scenario, but with firearms. They’ll stay legal via the second amendment, but then due to legislative efforts, every gun shop within 700 miles closes down. And, on top of that, guns that are longer than three inches and that weigh more than an ounce are restricted to emergency sales. Oh, and you’ll have to go in for counseling sessions, but y’know, maybe if you weren’t so trigger happy then you wouldn’t even need a gun in the first place. And, let’s not forget that the vendor who provides you with said gun is automatically a murderer. We’ll stop there before we dive too far into this rabbit hole.

The public outcry would be deafening. Nobody would stand for such restrictions. So why do we let such restrictions stand in the way of abortions? Because a group of people got in there heads that they have a mandate to legislate morality — specifically that of women.

Fuck. That.

I’ll say it again: Feminism is absurd. Common decency and sense would have dictated equality long ago. The fact that we’re moving away from equality, in more ways than one, is very telling of the American experience. If we’d like to become to Reagan’s idyllic “city on a hill,” we need to stop systematically putting up legislative and economic roadblocks for women. (AND SO MANY OTHER GROUPS BUT I ONLY WANTED TO WRITE ABOUT FEMINISM TODAY, SO YEAH)

P.S. Sarcastic silver lining: In a decade or so, during Trump’s third term, women who’ll be traveling 1,300 miles across the country to get an abortion will at least be able to sit back and watch movies in her autonomous car.  



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