Reddit Inspiration.

Happy New Year Everyone.

“New Year, New Me” eh? I fucking hate that expression. It’s totally inaccurate. I mean, hell, I wish I could just trade in last years model and put a down payment on a new body. That would be awesome. Though I guess if that were common practice every dude you know would be walking around with a chiseled six-pack and swinging a hammer down there and most women would look like Kim K. (Because, y’know that’s how Hollywood would tell us we want to look) And to be frank, if we all looked like supermodels, we would get bored quickly.

Where was I, oh yeah:”New Year New Me.” Well I’m still the same old(er) balding asshole that I was in 2016, the only measurable difference in 2017 will be my inability to remember to write 17 at the end of dates instead of 16. Shit like that just doesn’t stick until at least April.

As tradition to ring in the new year I did make one resolution. No nothing to do with weight loss– that’s a dark road that only leads to stress-eating and ultimately self-loathing.

No, my resolution was much easier and completely doable, unlike avoiding all dairy. (All Hail Cheese– the single greatest edible invention) My resolution to myself was to take time out of every day, say a half an hour to just write something.

I got the original idea from this reddit post  from u/shnit123. It’s very relaxing, i find. More so than just the normal smoking pot and playing video games. Rocket league, I’ve found, can be very tense.

I’ll need a place to put the stories up of course and this, my own online journal, seems just a good a place as any.


Also because writing is great check out my good friends Tim Matthews website. Also a writer (with way better stuff.) And lets not forget r/writing and r/writingprompts for inspiration.


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