Distressing Times– Thanks Super Delegates.

Quite the strange few weeks this has been, eh? Weed is legalized right here in MA, the Cubs of all teams have won the World Series, oh and American’s have just elected reality-television-star Donald Trump to the nation’s highest office.celebrity-986838_1280

Now there’s plenty of blame to spread around here. But, at no point should it fall on the voters themselves. This past 24 hours I’ve heard attacks on Trump supporters’ intelligence, integrity, and on millennial apathy towards the whole process. Now, while some Trump supporters may have been a “basket of deplorables,” the act of voting for their candidate didn’t make them so.

Much of the preemptive blame for the upcoming open season on the rights of non-whites, women, and Muslims belongs squarely on the shoulders of the Democratic Party.

“But, Chad…” you may say, “Hillary Clinton isn’t a certified narcissistic misogynistic racist.”

To which I say, true. But, all of these marks in Hillary’s “pro” column, didn’t mean a thing as she couldn’t inspire the base to actually vote.

The left’s whole fiasco started way back in the days of the primaries. Currently the story is that Bernie lost, threw his support behind Hillary, and his followers decided to be spoiled little idiots and vote for Trump or a third party. Retrospectively though, this story may become the will of the base vs. the immeasurable power of the party establishment. Hint, hint, the party won.

Nearly every young starry-eyed Sanders campaign swallowed a healthy amount of cynicism the day Bernie suspended his campaign. Between the super delegate count and Debbie Wasserman Schultz– the chairman of the party– accepting a job with the Hillary campaign, millennials perceived political agency was pulled out from underneath them like a cheap parlor trick.  

Ride-or-Die Debbie always has her homie Hill’s back  (PoolSafely/Flikr/cc)

What were we left with after that? Hillary Clinton– who was under investigation at the time, and kept lying about the severity of her crimes. Now if that doesn’t seem like an inspiring and trustworthy candidate, I don’t know what does.

In time, we’ll learn exactly to what extent the Democratic party tipped the scales in Hillary’s favor. There’s already enough damning evidence out now to call for an entire overhaul of the party’s personnel. Media collusion, restrictions of voter database privileges for the Sanders campaign, and the fact that before even announcing her candidacy Hillary was raising money and using party operatives for her own gain.  

Trump’s nomination, we were told back in July, signaled the implosion of the Republican party. That prophecy didn’t really pan out not, did it? While, Donald rubs his spray tan all over the halls of the white house, fantasizing about a grand remodeling, we may need to dismantle and scour the Democratic party just to save it.


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