My Day Off… And Violent Video Games Rot the Mind

I’ve spent my vacation doing literally nothing. Between Xbox, eating, and trying to catch the fucking mouse that’s made its home in my room, I’ve let the days slip away. And, it’s been pretty nice.

In my opinion there’s no other way to spend a few days off. Sure, you might feel like shit at the end just due to sheer unproductive-ness, but that’s when you become the most productive– like right now.

To the meat.

Monday evening I found myself playing a great game many of you may have heard of called Grand Theft Auto. Great game and great story. Anyway, I was doing story missions and coincidentally my girlfriend who was coming over at the time to watch the newest episode of Westworld, just happened to see me play the most notorious mission in the whole game. This particular mission made headlines when the game first came out. In it, you play as the psychopathic protagonist, Trevor, and well, you torture someone to the edge of death.

Yes, it’s horrific, but it drives the story. I was mid-way through waterboarding this poor chap, when my girlfriend turned to me with the most concerning look. Almost as if she was watching my transformation from Dr. Jekyll she knew into the crazed violence-addicted Mr. Hyde.

“Are you  getting any enjoyment out of this?” She asked.

I admit the question took me by surprise, as, weirdly, a small part of me was. I mean where else in life would I do this? Certainly not to another living person, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do it– I hope. But that’s part of the fun with these games, I can do whatever I want with no consequences. Then, when I’m finished, I just turn off the game.

Of course, my girlfriend’s questioning didn’t end with just the aforementioned one.

Just as I attached a car battery to this sad digital bastard’s nipples, she asked: “Don’t you think this desensitizes you to violence?”

Well, no. To be perfectly honest I think that if anything, violent video games make me, in particular, (as I don’t want to speak for anyone else, as I have no clue what I’m talking about) more sensitive to violence.

I’m not going to play Grand Theft Auto and then think that waterboarding or going on a murderous spree on the street is okay whatsoever.

But, who knows. Maybe the radiation and violence coming from my video games have rotted my brain so much that I’ve actually turned a corner and I’m being sensitized once again.

Phew, I better swear this shit off and watch some T.V. Maybe I’ll start binge-ing “24”.


Addendum- Welp, my girlfriend read the post. I oversimplified her argument as I often do. She thinks that while yes adults can separate the fantasy from the reality, children cannot. And I agree, like I think any rational adult can. The game is rated “M” for a reason. No one under 17 or 18 should really be running around Los Santos stabbing poor sons-of-bitches in the face in first person.

(And 17 and 18 are arbitrary numbers, I know. Whether or not your ready to play certain games or watch certain movies should be based on maturity–though that would be impossible to slap a number on.)



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