Watch Out for the Enemy pt. 2

Well, well. School is back in session (almost). The freshman are moving in in droves– which means their overexcited parents are driving them in.

Unfortunately most are not native Worcester drivers. Partially good as they may actually follow the rules of the road. Bad because they don’t have what it takes to compete with native driving tactics. These poor souls are floundering–just oozing blood in the water, and Worcester drivers are unforgiving predators.

I just sat behind one such family as they waved on a driver trying to turn onto a busy street. Little did they know they would be opening the flood gate. One car turns into a dozen- quickly.

Rage 2
Me sitting in traffic this morning

These are terribly unforgiving streets where middle-class yuppies will be swallowed up in an instant. So for gods sake, out-of-staters, take the initiative and drive like an asshole–please.


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