Watch Out For the Enemy

A wise old man called me yesterday with a few words of advice.

He said: The glass is always half-full and folks in Worcester don’t use their turn signals because they are the enemy.

I know– vastly different pieces of advice. The first, while a bit cliche, was nice to hear regardless.

The second piece of advice was in response to an interview I’d been a part of a few days ago at my current internship. 

One of the great mysteries confronting me as someone who’d grown up in the little mountainous hermitage known on a map of the U.S. as Vermont, (the T is silent), is the psych of the Worcester driver.

He’s a much different animal. He’s vicious, he’ll take everything you’ve got and throw sand in your eye for good measure if you don’t approach with extreme caution. The Worcester driver is simply an animal.

So after getting back from filming a segment and lunch, I had a message on my desk. Very simple– A sticky note with the name Dick Barry and a phone number.

I gave him a call– turns we’d graduated from the same university only, he’d done so back in 1966. After a few pleasantries he told me that the using your turn signals had fallen out of favor first in Boston and then transitioned to Worcester.

The idea, Barry said, had to revolve around the power of information. He’d learned while in the national guard that giving info to the enemy is a big no-no. The same goes for drivers– your enemy on the road. Give them an inch, they reach for a foot.

So next time you’re out on the road, watch out for the enemy. And maybe carry some bear mace. I definitely know a few that could have used a dose.


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