On Religious Liberty and Discrimination.

This morning over my morning tea, browsing Reddit as I often do, I saw a story that really just peeved me.

Now, it’s not the most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen while redditing, but I felt somehow personally invested in it.

So this tow truck driver, through an act of political and religious courage, flat out refused to do his job and tow a woman from the side of the road to the nearest garage…because God told him to.

I’m all for refusing service if the customer acts out or is just plain unruly, but in this instance she was refused service because she supported Bernie Sanders. But, how does God relate to political stances, you might ask. It doesn’t, the tow truck operator said that the Lord came to him and gave him the strength to deny this woman help. How very Christian of him.

Photo Credit: mSeattle OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA. 

And, if you weren’t sold on the absurdity of the story, I’ll sprinkle on a little rage– the woman he refused service to was handicapped and desperately in need of help.

I’ll get to why discrimination thinly veiled as religious liberty is still definitely not okay in just a second. But first, I’ll say that I have family members that are disabled. The thought of them being refused help for some petty reason like a political bumper sticker is both heartbreaking and infuriating.

Overly-zealous bigots use of their religion as an excuse to do whatever they please has become a theme these past couple years.

We’ve seen stories like the Muslim-free gun shop wherein the owner refused to sell firearms to any Muslim because of fear of jihad. Forget the fact that most domestic mass shootings are committed by white males.

Then we had Kentucky inbred hysteric Kim Davis and her refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. As the county clerk it was her responsibility to grant these licenses, but instead, she directed gay couples to different counties citing her belief that marriage only existed between a man and a woman.

Listen, Kim, I know that you think you’re some sort of modern crusader, but you need to face the facts and accept that the court has already said that you’re wrong. This also goes to politicians (cough*Mike Huckabee* cough) that use your pulpit to raise these maniacs up, you’re irresponsible and should be ashamed of yourself.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem that this religious argument is going away soon, so we may need some federal intervention. It wouldn’t be the first time government has stepped in to lay some ground rules. Killing infidels, slavery, and even bong hits for Jesus have all been deemed illegal in this county. (Though hopefully that last one will change soon)

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and businesses started discriminating against heterosexual, white, Christians and cited it as their religious liberty. Do you think that would last long?  That was rhetorical, but we’ll answer anyway. No, nobody would think that’s okay.

Using religion, specifically Christianity, to marginalize another group is not only un-christian, it’s wholly un-american. We’re supposed to be the great melting pot where everyone is given a fair shake. Discriminating against people is akin to dropping trow and shitting in that melting pot.


Authors of photos used in no way endorse the views expressed in this post. 





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