#Snapchat #BLAZEIT with Marley Face

Happy 4/20 you dope fiend degenerates. Let this be a kind warning to all you drugged up kids: Stay away from me and my skin. I don’t plan on being a victim of Mary Jane’s violent impulses.

Whats that? Oh, you just want to eat hot Cheetos and watch Rick and Morty for three hours? Well then– go about your business and peace be with you.

I swear, as I get older and have less money, I’m less drawn to 4/20. My freshman year in college, I was all about it. Some friends and I planned out the whole day down to the last joint– of course it all went to shit when we passed out for a few hours in the middle of the day.

These days the passion just isn’t there. Hell maybe it was the illegality of the whole thing. Consuming cannabis is a fine pastime, but perhaps the reason I was so drawn to the whole holiday aspect was joining my voice (or coughs) to a culture– a “counter” culture that disregarded the law and ‘stuck it to the man.’

These days with social media though, getting high and cannabis is very much in the mainstream. 420 is everywhere, in our hashtags, our porn, and even our snapchat filters– the latter of which inspired this post.

Now, in case you’re the Patrick Star of society (see: living under a rock) you know that Snapchat allows you to send picture and videos to your list of friends that disappear after a few seconds. You can even add filters to your face that allow you to do a host of mundane shit.

Today,  in celebration of all things weed, Snapchat added a filter that overlays a picture of Bob Marley over your face. I have a few problems with this

Terrible, Right?

In descending order of importance

  • It doesn’t work very well with my glasses
  • It only plays two songs (that I know of) if you send a video
  • Bob Marley was a reggae musician who happened to consume marijuana, not the other way around

Now my first two complaints don’t really warrant further explanation, so lets start with the third.

Smoke that Dank Dank Bro?

We all must know someone with the little Bob Marley, Rastafarian, cannabis tapestry. Cool– we get it you smoke. But you know what else? He was a great musician who also happens to be the best known artist of his genre. Yes he smoked weed, he even sang about smoking, but that doesn’t automatically mean you should make him the face of the cannabis culture. If that’s the way it works every overly-aggressive rich asshole would be humming Eric Clapton before snorting a rail of cocaine of his secretary’s ass.

Now, the real issue. Blackface. Seriously who thought this was a good idea?

Racial tensions are running high in this country because minorities (mainly Black Americans) are being institutionally suppressed and gunned down in the streets by overzealous cops and you want to let every white teenager digitally apply blackface and send it to all their friends? That doesn’t strike me as a wise decision Snapchat. You probably didn’t mean fuck up this badly, but you did, and now you need to do away with the Bob Marley filter.


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