The Trouble Started

The trouble started with the mountain of rats.    I had been dozing on the eight train, listening to a few fellows named Jeff critique community policing policies on their podcast. It’d been a long day at work and I caught one of the last eight trains of the day. It was all but deserted … Continue reading The Trouble Started


A Frightful Drive Home through the Droves

Jenny was her name; Jenny Harrington. Her maiden name was Tawney and her Harrington had exited her life a year prior. She was behind the wheel of her 2003 Honda Civic. Her daughter, June, a toddler of three and the girl Jenny would sing Brown Eyed Girl to every time Van Morrison came on the … Continue reading A Frightful Drive Home through the Droves

Culling the herd

Major Ortiz and his merry band of guerrillas did their dirty work along the banks of the Beaverhead river. It wasn’t much of a river per se, rather a babbling brook. But it provided fresh water and noise coverage enough.    This night was relatively quiet; there’d been no drone surveillance to speak of and … Continue reading Culling the herd

Low Point

It had been 10 going on 11 days since I’d last orgasmed. A week and a half of waking up and starting each day off with a shower. In it was a small window covered with a cross iron grate.  While washing I could, if I felt so compelled, say “Goodmorning!” to one of my … Continue reading Low Point