Bradbury Week 5 Review

Last week's story was a day late. It was ready to go on Sunday night like usual, but I got caught up in the season premier of True Detective. Anyone else? All I have to say about that is wow. The story this week is somewhat based on things happening in my life. One of … Continue reading Bradbury Week 5 Review


Don’t React

You’re at the end of a long hallway. Plush carpet sticks up between your toes and tickles the gap between your big toe and the index. You take a step forward but the hallway elongates as if you’ve taken one back. Perspective accelerates. The end of the hallway shrinks and the lines converge to a … Continue reading Don’t React

Dog Years

Beast was on his best behavior that drizzly afternoon in the vet’s office. He was an older golden beagle with gray around his muzzle. Compared to the other dogs he was almost stately, sitting on the inside soles of Karly’s Ugg boots and wagging his golden tail in long conscience swoops across the floor. Aaron … Continue reading Dog Years

Steam Messages

Chris kicked the door saddle sending bits of white snow skidding across the mudroom floor. “Hello?” it was his mother’s voice. “Chrissy, is that you?” “Yeah ma.” Chris said. He set his boots next to the door and wound his scarf around a coat hook. His mother met him in the hallway. She wiped her … Continue reading Steam Messages


In the early morning hours of July 10, several colonists of Etu Station 3 woke to screams of “It’s gone,” coming from the observatory. David Pomern, the astronomer on shift frantically clacked away on his keyboard, checking the eight monitors that lined the wall in front of him when Patricia Reiner, the vice chair of … Continue reading Wormhole