Cab Driver Styx

He was a stout man, 5 foot three with a head of thinning silver hair. From the neck up he looked his age-- 93, or so said my instructions. But, he still filled out his forest-green Army coat and stood ready beside his dented mailbox.   I eased the car over the dips in the … Continue reading Cab Driver Styx


AI Savior

The standoff began around midday. They had been chased inside, herded like sheep. Inside the small hunting lodge Marsha and her two children huddled behind an ragged metal office desk and felt the cold of November creep in between the breaks in the heavy hardwood log wall. Two men stood alert, their eyes forever scanning … Continue reading AI Savior

The Drill Sergeant and Counselor Prusha

Drill Sergeant Holloway stood in the barrack doorway. He was a square man. His shoulders nearly touched the either side of the doorframe. Even squarer was Holloway’s jaw, the bottom half of which nearly dropped as he surveyed the new recruits. They were to comprise the newest division of marines: the remote reconnaissance regiment. RRR … Continue reading The Drill Sergeant and Counselor Prusha