Red November

Petyr felt generous with the squad’s vodka stash and gathered his young comrades around the dwindling fire. Most were fresh-faced recruits and had yet to learn how to handle spirit; Petyr and his second in command, Olivar, would be splitting a lion’s share of the bottle.  Petyr lifted it high for a toast. “For most … Continue reading Red November

Spilled Milk

It was the first time the Riverside County Police Department had ever been called over spilled milk. And, it was only a few drops at that. A pair of burly, some might say, overweight officers of the law, stood in Karol Brekenridge’s sun-drenched apartment. One, the square-jawed officer with the Punisher tattoo on his forearm … Continue reading Spilled Milk

Cherry 3

What the hell is Cherry 3?  Scientists claim strange space object could be evidence of alien life Tyler Richards of Amerigo Observatory 18 was the first to spot the space object hurtling towards Gia two years ago. For the first time since then scientists and astronomers alike are getting a closer look at the object, … Continue reading Cherry 3

In a Pinch

If you’ve never seen a man pinned against a cement wall by a 1994 rust-covered Buick, consider yourself lucky.    The first time I’d seen such a thing was undoubtedly the cleanest. The driver, a middle aged mother of two teen-aged boys, fell asleep at a red light and let off the break. According to … Continue reading In a Pinch